In Ireland Since 2005

Celtic Creamery is a fusion of an Irish and American desire to bring this truly unique ice cream across the Atlantic from Ireland to the USA. Our scrumptious cream is lovingly hand made with the finest and freshest of ingredients from both North Carolina and Ireland.













- Our Story-

This American walks into an ice cream shop
coold sweet chocolate ice cream

This American walks into an ice cream shop

Sundaes is a quirky, award winning, retro family run ice cream parlour in Ballybunion, a quaint Irish town on the shores of the Atlantic.


Regularly nominated for awards Sundaes has forged a unique path in the world of ice cream. The ice cream is homemade with a distinctive creamy texture in many sensational flavours.


Jeff Hogan from Carolina Beach was on holiday in Kerry, he walked through the door of Sundaes looking for an ice cream not a whole new business venture; but he got both.


Blown away by the taste of the ice cream and the laid-back beach vibe of the shop he sat and chatted for a while. Throughout the conversation he revisited many times how amazing the ice cream tasted and how much it would be loved by people in North Carolina and the United States.


He suggested we looked into opening a shop in Carolina Beach. We have been approached on numerous occasions to open other businesses in both the USA and Ireland, however, and to cut a very long story short something about Jeff and his family made me think he was genuine and for the first time I wanted to consider the opportunity.


Jeff pottered back to Carolina Beach and the emails started flying across the Atlantic. We wanted to keep the Irish connection strong as that is the foundation of the company and so the ‘Celtic Creamery’ was born.

coold sweet chocolate ice cream
coold sweet chocolate ice cream

Awarded best in Ice Cream in Ireland six times

We are honored to report Celtic Creamery opened in Carolina Beach in the Spring of 2018 and to date has exceeded all expectations. The reviews from the general public have been ‘blushingly awesome’


The first year of trading has been fabulous. We have sourced all the ingredients we need from many local traders and incorporated Irish products where feasibly possible. Many flavors that can be found in Celtic Creamery have been tailored to the US market and have proved to be an astounding success.


In fact, Celtic Creamery has proven itself to be an unimaginable triumph. It has taken the concept from the west coast of Ireland and traveled across the Atlantic to the USA.


Now Celtic Creamery is based in the lush pastures of North Carolina where we combine the freshest of ingredients and just a little bit of Irish magic to make truly amazing, scrumptious, rich and velvety ice cream. One of Celtics main Unique Selling Points is the fact that the ice cream is made, churned and frozen daily on the premises.


The scoop ice cream is undeniably the star of the show, but Celtic also specializes in old fashioned signature sundaes creating memories through Knickerbocker Glories, Banana Boats, etc, etc.


Homemade hot doughnuts freshly made to order. Plain, with Celtic Creameries hot chocolate sauce, or everybody’s favorite combine with ice cream. To compliment the homemade ice cream Celtic Creamery also offers its own blend of Coffee, specialty hot chocolates and unique homemade milkshakes and floats.

Churned and frozen daily on the premises. We use the highest quality ingredients- mixed with a little Irish magic.

Our ice cream is made in small batches using authentic Irish recipes. Ingredients are sourced both locally and from Ireland.

We feature a rotating selection of 14 ice creams available daily. In total we have over 50 authentic Irish recipes.

We use fresh fruits to flavor our ice cream, certain flavors, such as peach, are only made when the fruit is at peak flavor.

My cousins Lisa and Jim took me and the family here last night. It was the most amazing ice cream I have ever had. ‘I can’t even describe it’ -Dee McDunne


Join our family and serve up smiles every day.


Join our family and serve up smiles every day.